rubber lined pipe

The Benefits of Rubber

Rubber has many benefits and uses in today’s world, the first of which is how funny the name is to say! It is produced by the latex milk of a tree simply called the rubber tree, and comes out very much like a sap. The sap is gathered and then turned into rubber for many different things, such as tires. Mattresses, and balloons.

Rubber is treated differently due to how it is going to be used. The rubber that simply coats the outside of something, such as a rubber glove or a ball, is mixed with ammonia and centrifuged. If rubber needs to be kept soild, then the latex is given acis, and then it is squeezed and treated until all the water is removed.

rubber lined pipe

The now dried rubber is heated over a fire and kept dry, before being used for many things. Each stage of rubber in its production is used to create items such as the rubber lined pipe. Some of the stages even combine together. For example, shoes are made from the solid rubber as well as the wet centrifuged rubber.

With all of the demand for natural rubber from trees, a rise in synthetic rubber has also grown. The synthetic rubber is made from petroleum and is a good rubber substitute for tires and rubber hoses. While synthetic rubber was an invention of necessity during World War 1 and World War 2 for the military uses, it soon became a common thing to use for families after the conflicts.

Synthetic rubber’s properties can also be controlled by man, making it so they can have various properties to better support what they are being used for. The only major weakness for synthetic rubber is that it can only be made from petroleum byproducts, which is a fossil fuel. Until synthetic rubber can be made from renewable resources, natural will have to be the way to go.